6/18/16 – Oklahoma

Course: HeyDay Entertainment
Location: 3201 Market Pl, Norman, OK 73072
Price: $6.50 for 18 holes.

Oklahoma 1.JPG

HeyDay Entertainment

Review: After driving for a grueling 8 hours, I finally arrived in Norman, Oklahoma at 9pm on Friday night. Date night. And what better place for romance than HeyDay Entertainment? Conveniently located a few miles south of Oklahoma City, HeyDay Entertainment is definitely worth the visit (note: only if you live in the Oklahoma City area, don’t drive from some super distant place like, say, Colorado – that amount of driving might make you massively depressed and this is only the third day of your trip). Right off the bat, I have no idea how to classify this place. On the one hand, it was a beautiful venue that was filled with a jungle of trees, perfectly manicured (polypropylene) lawns, and flowing rivers. In this sense, HeyDay commendably tried to play up the “golf” element of “mini golf.” It had no windmills, pirate ships, medieval castles, or interactive statues of Abe Lincoln (The Great Emancipator!) – in their place were majestic fountains and unobtrusive (but devilishly complicated) rock formations. The holes even had flags in them, just like a real golf course!

However, perhaps in conflict (perhaps in tandem) with this slick professionalism, HeyDay also had an inconsistent, raucous party vibe going on. At the front of the course was a bar that sold a wide variety of the nation’s finest lite beers; I decided on a cool, invigorating Coors Light (the freshmaker!). And all around the course, bright lights flashed, and Katy Perry and Iggy Azalea blared loudly as people (grown adults) danced right there on links. It was like high school prom all over again. Only this time, Mrs. Stebbins (my AP English teacher) didn’t bat her eyes at me the whole night like a damn tease. But, despite its somewhat confusing vibe, in the end this was a very polished course – is it the best course in America? Again, I won’t know that for another two months at least.

Next stop: Dallas.


Course Score: 58; Par – 45
Pros: Beautiful environment, complex holes, great upkeep, fun party atmosphere, cheap beer.
Cons: Conflicting golf/party vibes, pretty minimal props, right next to the highway. Not a lot of complaints however, this place was great.

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